Insurance Brokerage Mgt Solution

Manage the business of insurance like never before. Service your customers quickly and more efficiently. Cross-sell and upsell more effectively. Gain tighter control over your risk exposure, and grow a bigger and more profitable book of business Key benefits: Properly Manage Information Provide quick Customer Service Become Organized and Efficient Save Significant Time Avoid Hassles and Frustration Have a PAPERLESS Firm Print Computer Generated Form Maximize Customer Retention Send Letters to Customers Use the program for Follow-up Notes Manage work for Potential Clients Thoroughly Analyze your Performance Track every Single Transaction Pay less than other system System Features: System maintenance Clients Policy Register 1. User rights 2. Backup to file 3. Restore from backup 4. Auto-Generating Numbers (Policies, receipts, Invoices, Payments, Clients) 1. Clients Listing 2. Clients Statements 3. Clients Aged Analysis 4. Clients search by policy sale date, status etc 5. Generation of Debit Notes 6. Generation of Risk Note 1. Policy Listing 2. Policy History 3. Limits of Liability Records Tracking Accounting Reports Fixed Assets 1. Insurance companies 2. Suppliers/Vendors 3. Cover types 4. Policy types 5. Vehicle Models 6. Vehicle types 1. Trial Balance 2. Balance Sheet 3. Profit and Loss Account 4. Cash Book Statement 5. Cash Flow Statement 6. Account Movement 7. Account Balances 1. Asset Acquisition 2. Asset Sale and Disposal 3. Asset Revaluation 4. Asset Combine/Split 5. Assets Listing 6. Asset Categories 7. Account Sets Forms and Reminders Budgeting Payroll 1. Renewal Reminders 2. Renewed policies 3. Welcome Notes 1. Budgets Analysis 3. Aged Analysis 4. Debtors Listing 4. Staff Loans 5. Process Payroll 6. Produce Pay slips 7. Income Tax Reports 8. Company Deductions Transactions Module Claims Cash book 1. Petty cash listing 2. Clients Debtors Invoicing 3. Clients Debtors Receipting 4. Journal Transactions 1. Claim Types 2. Documents and Memos 3. Claims Reminders 4. Claims Register 5. Claims progress 1. Company Cash Banking 2. Cash Book 3. Entries in Bank not in Cashbook and Vice Versa 4. Bank Reconciliation