Hotel Mgt software

Software to Run Your Hotel and Restaurant

Our Hotel & Restaurant software will help you run more efficiently and make your operations more efficient while saving money!


Main Modules: Key Benefits:
•Customer Orders
•Cash Drawer/Point Of Sale
•Hotel Reservation
•Accounts Receivable
•Accounts Payable
•General Ledger
•Vendor Orders
•Product Receiving
•Inventory Management
•Client Contacting
•Properly managed information    
•Provides quick Customer service    
•Become organized and efficient    
•Save significant time    
•Avoid hassle and frustration    
•Have Paperless firm    
•Print computer generated reports    
•Produce guests’ bills and generate invoices    
•Thoroughly analyze your performance
•Track every guest/ non-guest transaction
•Pay less for more                                                  

•Customize ordering menus to fit your way of doing business
•Process orders quickly
•Speed customers through order entry and payment tender
•Control cash in cash drawers
•Report on every aspect of your business