Our Vission

Written by Super User.


Our Vision

Through the proper utilization, implementation, and maintenance of Information Technology, we believe that we can reduce our customer's expenses and increase their profits while enhancing their business and lives.

Our Mission

To be the Kenya's leading provider of customized and optimized Information Technology Solutions, Services, and Consulting to small-to-medium sized businesses that add exceptional customer value through its innovativeness and high quality.

Our Objective

To provide IT solutions and services that solve our customer's business problems. 
We accomplish this objective through providing

(1) Unparalleled technological expertise 
(2) Software from leading technology companies we've partnered with 
(3) World-class customer service and professionalism.

Guiding Principles

(1) Are we still striving relentlessly to improve what we do and how we do it? 
(2) Will it earn and be worthy of our client's honesty and trust? 
(3) Does it leverage the Electra brand to build trust in our community? 
(4) Will it improve our client's business and save them time or money? 
(5) Can all company and individual actions be compared to a world-class service organization?