P.O.S. Solutions



• Daily Sales summary reports
• Sales by customers’ reports
• Sales by cashiers reports
• Sales by items reports
• Sales by category or brands
• Ability to track as sales receipt
• Supports sales returns/generate credit notes
• Simplified selling process
• Support sales of controlled items
• can support multiple selling points
• Supports barcodes
• can generate invoices in case of a credit sale
• Generates profit margins of the products sold        

Customers & Accounts Receivables

• can hold unlimited debtors accounts
• Simplified debtors center to view debtors accounts and transactions history
• Able to clear debtors invoice through invoice allocation method (I.A.M)
• Able to generate customers’ statements
• Aging debtors report

Cashiers Center
This module helps you track cash flows in the business. It includes
• Ability to track cash flow by cashiers
• Cash payouts to manage petty cash and daily bills
• Daily Z-Reports by cashiers
• Close the cashier account at end day           


• Support both cash and credit purchases
• Ability to create and print Purchase orders
• Purchases are integrated with the inventory module
• A variety of purchases reports to choose from
• Purchase history reports by suppliers, date and type
• Aging creditors’ reports

 Suppliers and Accounts Payables

• Can hold unlimited Creditors accounts
• Simplified creditors center to view creditors’ accounts and transactions history
• Able to clear creditors invoice through invoice allocation method (I.A.M)
• Able to generate suppliers’ statements and purchase history
• Aging Creditors repor

Inventory (Stocks)

• Track inventory movement
• Ability to categorize your stock for easy management
• Can generate stock count list.
• Can support multiple inventory locations
• Inventory reorder levels
• Inventory status reports
• Inventory adjustments
• Can support unlimited inventory items
• Can support inventory transfers from one location to another
• Powerful delivery center to track inventory Issues & Returns through
I. Inter-company issues
II. Damages & spoilages
III. Promotion products
• Powerful stock Assembly center – this helps while tracking those items you combine together and sell or issue as one. This module can also be used as the manufacturing center.
• Powerful Sale Issue Module – This helps you to track stock you issue to sales reps to go and sell. Each sales rep acts as a stock center.


• Restricted system access.. You must have a password to access the system
• Ability to assign rights to users of the systems
• Database file is highly encrypted to secure the data


• Supports both ZIP, and DATECS fiscal Printers and all ESD Models
• Optimized Speeds—Can support more than 500 workstations and still operate optimally
• Easy to back up your company data
• Very simplified and easy to understand
• Can be customized to suite your particular need
• Ability to link the various company branches to operate as one
• Audit trail report to know who did what and when it was done
• Easily customizable reports template to fit your company requirements & maintain your brand