About Backup

Written by Super User. Posted in Datacare

At Datacare we take into account the day-to-day use of information technologies by users, including storage of applications, server management, software maintenance, helpdesk, training, backups, data recovery, etc.. 

By taking responsibility and to combine the benefits of information technology in outsourcing arrangements and processes for managing networks and servers Datacare simplifies the whole cycle computer in your organization so you can focus entirely on running your business.

With that in mind and as result of a growing need to solve the problem of remote backup's to our customers, we decided to implement a secure, easy to use and inexpensive backup solution.

Back-up is a secure and easy to use, inexpensive online backup solution.

With Datacare's Backup you get:-

  • lots of space online,
  • Automatically protects your photos, music, videos and documents.
  • Works on PC and Mac,
  • It’s 100% secure and
  • you can access the files from anywhere.
  • You can also stream your music and videos to your laptop, phone or tablet and
  • Easily restore your files whenever you need.
  • It stores up to 30 versions of your files and
  • Preserves the deleted files for 30 days.

Datacare's Backup is very easy to set up, and once it's configured you can just forget about it.

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